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SmartPID flexible configuration and setup

The SmartPID controller has been designed to replace low cost simple thermostat with a smart controller that can be programmed and adapted to any process.

The controller board has some unique HW and SW features that allow to configure it in an incredible variety of environment with total flexibility


DUAL channel

The controller support 2 independent  channel either in term of temperature sensor and output.

The two control process can be configured independently in term of set up parameter and set point and can mange different output


  • 2 x heating processes (ie in brewing application sparge water and mash tun)
  • 2 x cooling process (ie in brewing application 1 x fermenter 1 x kegerator)
  • 1 cooling +  1 heating process (ie in brewing application 1 x mashing + 1 x fermenting)

Multiple Output

another unique feature is the availability of multiple outputs that can be assigned interdependently to the control channels

on the rear panel 5 different outputs are available

  • 2 x mechanical relay 220V AC 10 A
  • 1 x SSR output
  • 2 x 12V 2A direct output

each channel can be assigned to one output during HW set up

CH1 → Heating process –> SSR

CH2 → Cooling process → 12V direct output driving a 12V DC fan

Multiple Control Mode

Smart PID can be used in any type of thermo regulated process either heating , cooling or thermostatic

3 different Control Mode are supported

  1. Heating mode → the control algorithm mange an heating element to reach the set point in a process where heat is needed  (typical application an oven)
  2. Cooling mode→ he control algorithm mange a cooler to reach the set point in a process where cooling is needed (typical application fridge)
  3. Thermostatic mode → cooling and heating element are manged in parallel to guarantee to keep temperature stable in an environment where the external temperature can be higher or lower than set point (typical application fermentation chamber)

Multiple Algorithm

depending on the type of process, and type of device to control many different control algorithm can be applied in order to guarantee fast convergence to set point and stable output

the SmartPID control implement two of most widely used algorithm

  1. ON / OFF with hysteresis.Depending on the control mode the output is activated when measured temperature is below (over) the set point and vice versa is put OFF when the temperature is above (below) set point. A configurable threshold avoid oscillation phenomena.This algorithm is simple and is applicable typically in low precision application with slow response of the system
  1. PID algorithm (proportionate, integrative, derivative) try to reach the set point in a smooth and and precise measuring the error between the set point and current temperature and drive proportionally  the power applied to the load (PWM modulation) . In order to avoid overshooting or persistent error also derivative and integral action are applied. PID parameter must be carefully configured in order to avoid big error and oscillation/ The algorithm can be used in a variety of situation even with fast process change when precision is needed


All the setup of previous configuration can be easily performed trough a set of menu inside the HW configuration set up

start-menu configuration-menu
control-mode-menu Control Mode
contro-algoritm-menu Heating Mode
multi-control-menu Multi Control
output-config-menu Output 1

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