In what languages SmartPID documentation will be available?

Up to now the only language is English, managing translation in different languages of all materials is very time consuming hope you understand and if something is not clear please write us we spoke Italian and English

Is there any user manual or installation manual available ?

Yes two manuals are available on gihtub manual section

Installation and configuration manual that is common to all application and covers all the main aspect fo intial setup, HW configuration, wifi and data log configuration and connection to thingspeak account

Application user manal that provide all the information for the specific application
currently only for the smart homebrewing application

Does SmartPID support gas fired brewing systems?

Yes in the HW setup you have to chose the gas fired option and this will move the control algorithm to ON/OFF with hysteresis

In current version a motorized gas valve is not supported

May I connect directly to smartPID the recirculating pump?

Yes you can connect a 12V recirculating pump like solar project or topsflow pump unless the absorption is less than 1A

Is stirrer/mixer for mashing supported instead of recirculating pump ?

Yes no problem you can connected the stirrer motor via one of the two mechanical relay and mange as a “pump”

What type of brewing process are supported by SmartPID brewing app?

Basically any process with one vessel set up (BIAB/RIMS) and two vessels (MASH +HLT)

What are main brewing automation features provided by SmartPID homebrewing app?

Please read this post in the blog section

Smart Homebrewing application is ready !

How Much SmartPID will cost?


Please visit the store section for the SmarPID price

Is SmartPID certified (CE or FCC)?

This is one of the final task we are running, we are committing test to certification authority to get CE and FCC marking

Will SmartPID be available in my country ?

We are working with a direct sale and online shopping cart model so potentially  SmartPID can be purchased in any country

Please consider that for non EU customer you can buy VAT free but you are fully responsible of your local custom duty and tax

May I pre-order smartPID or buy a prototype for beta testing?

Beta testing and pre production phase is over, please visit the store section to buy your smartPID

Is SmartPID ready available to buy ?

Yes the current SmartPID stock is available in STORE section
If quantity is zero means that is currently not available and you need to wait next stock

How can I insert the SSID network name and password in the smartPID box to connect to wifi?

The user experience will be very simple. Just connect smartPID point to point to your smartphone, open the dedicated app or browser, select your home wifi network and insert your PWD. Data are stored in SmartPID and at next boot the box connect to your router and internet

Is possible to integrate SmartPID in other services (like IFTTT)?

For development purpose we select thingspeak service for integration. When private dedicated server we will evaluate also integration with other web service like IFTTT

You can generate triggers and http post to other web services from thingspeak

Is the smartphone dedicated application available for IOS and Windows phone?

Currently not, app is just for android, we are working to the porting

Is there any dedicated smartphone app available ?

Yes there is a dedicated smartphone app developed for android to manage all the data log and visualization .

Download from the google play store

App connects to the server and using an encrypted key retrieve the data logged and stored by SmartPID

Is MQTT protocol supported ?

Currently  SmartPID uses simple JSON/Rest api of thingspeak service. We are evaluating also MQTT support

What kind of protocol is used to upload LOG data to the server?

Currently SmartPID uses commercial service provided by thingspeak for data log/analysis/visualization. The data are pushed to the server using JSON/rest API provided by thingspeak

In the roadmap a dedicated private label server with same capabilities will be deployed

What does it means that SmartPID is Arduino compatible ?

SmartPID has an HW and SW architecture based on SAMD21G processor that is the same as Arduino Zero board (32bit ARM cortex M0+). Dedicated bootloader and board definition allow SmartPID to be seen as an Arduino Zero board and programmed trough the ARM core with the Arduino IDE

What new applications are in roadmap?

The next two applications in roadmap are the charcoal  BBQ temperature control and smart food dehydrator

SmartPID has fermentation profile capabilities ?

Yes smart thermostat app support up to 10 different temperature profiles

Each profile can be customized in term of ramp/soak time and temperature level

May I control fermentation chamber with SmartPID?

Sure with the basic application you can chose  control mode= thermostatic and the controller can drive an heating element as well a fridge to keep temperature constant

you can mange profile temperature with ramp/soak feature

what is the difference between basic application and vertical application (homebrewing, bbq..)?

the basic application provides smart temperature controller with all features and functions reported on the web site.

The vertical application like the beer brewing application mange a process automation, execute specific workflow and tasks and off course has all the features of basic application

What are main SmartPID data LOG capabilities?

smartPID has an internal 8Mbit flash eeprom where all process data are stored . It’s possible to download the data via windows PC application trough USB port and convert in CSV. It’s possible to push data in real time to Thingspeak server. Once stored on the server data can be analysed and visualized on the web or smartphne app

Does SmartPID support 110V AC power supply?

Yes SmartPID has an internal switching power supply that support either 220AC and 110AC voltage

Is possible to upgrade smartPID FW ?

Yes for sure, FW upgrade is a must either for new application load or bug correction

A special bootloader has been developed called USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) bootloader so the SmartPID connected to USB is seen as a memory stick and the executable file can be copied in the root directory

Is PID autotune algorithm supported ?

Yes both smart hombrewing app and smart thermostat have implemented the auto tuing feature using the Zeigler-Nichols PID tune alghoritm

check the installation and configuration manuals for details

Is delay start for fridge compressor supported ?

Yes it’s supported in the smart thermostat app either in cooling or thermostatic mode

you can set up to two minutes of delay to avoid restart for the compressor fridge motor

SmartPID can drive peltier cells (TEC moudule)

Unless using on/off control algorithm and mechanical realy is not possible to drive directly and in thermostatic way the TEC module. Since the HW platform is modular we are thining to replace the back panel and add an H-bridge an power option to drive cells

Are thermocouple sensors supported ?

It’s not possible to connect directly a thermocouple for high temperature application but with a simple and cheap external circuit is possible to interface the thermocouple with one wire bus

What type of temperature sensor probe are supported?

SmartPID support either NTC and digital sensor on one-wire bus (DS18B20).