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 ===== SW relase ===== ===== SW relase =====
-In this section you can find last SW release to upgrade the controller+In this section you can find last [[SW release|SW release]] ​to upgrade the controller ​either for bug fixing or new features
 ===== Manuals ===== ===== Manuals =====
-In this section you can find last version of installation&​configurations manuals and user manuals+In this section you can find last version of [[manuals|installation&​configurations manuals]] and [[manuals|user manuals]]
 +===== Technical specifications =====
 +In this section you can find all details about the HW controller and technical details
 +===== Demo & Tutorials =====
 +In this section you can find a useful set of articles and links on how to configure and use SmartPID
 +  - [[Demo&​Tutorials|SW upgrade procedure]]
 +  - [[Demo&​Tutorials|Klarstein and other single vessel BIAB mash tun retrofit]]
 +  - [[Demo&​Tutorials|WiFi configuration and MQTT server connection]]
 +  - [[demo_tutorials|SmartPID - Brewfather integration]]
 +===== Integration example =====
 +In this section few integration of the controller with real application is reported
 +  - [[Integration example|Smart Thermostat application for fermentation control]]
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