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SmartPID wiki

Welcome to smartpID wiki page

In this page you can find useful technical in formations to mange your smart temperature controller

  • Controller design & engineering
  • Technical specifications
  • Integration example
  • Manuals
  • SW release
  • Demo & Tutorials

SW relase

In this section you can find last SW release to upgrade the controller


In this section you can find last version of installation&configurations manuals and user manuals

Technical specifications

In this section you can find all details about the HW controller and technical details

Demo & Tutorials

In this section you can find a useful set of articles and links on how to configure and use SmartPID

SW upgrade procedure

The firmware upgrade can be performed very easily using the MSD mass storage device bootloader technology that allow you to “copy paste” the binary executable file in the smartPID controller connected via USB and mapped as a USB memory

To upgrade FW you DON’T need any driver or SW installation, just simply follow below steps

Programming an application via the bootloader

  1. power up the board while keeping the S/S button pressed: the OLED display will be lit with a solid white color
  2. onnect the board to a USB port, it will appear as a mass storage device and the OLED display will alternate between a black and a white screen
  3. remove the FLASH.BIN file present in the mass storage device
  4. copy the your executable .bin file of your application to the mass storage device
  5. safely remove the USB mass storage device from the PC
  6. power-cycle the board and reboot

Integration example

In this section few integration of the controller with real application is reported

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