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What is SmartPid?

  • SmartPID Controller is a professionally engineered Hi-tech product for temperature and process control having lots of functions and features, which are not present in other or normal ‘Thermostats’
  • SmartPID Controller can control any thermo regulated process (heating or cooling) and any applications locally or remotely
  • It is flexible and very powerful device which can be programmed and adapted to any custom application
  • SmarPID is IoT ready and can be connected via WiFi to cloud services and remote controlled via MQTT standard protocol
  • SmartPID controller HW supports several temperature probe types and provide multiple control outputs and can be easily integrated in any system

What SmartPid can do?

  • Compared to simple on/off thermostat SmartPID controller can collect temperature from multiple sensors, apply a custom and programmable control logic and drive different load (heater, cooler, valve, fan…) with PID precision algorithm
  • You can easily replace your thermostat and add full process control to your application, data log and remote management
  • In one word make your temperature process control SMART
  • SmartPID Controller is a must device for Do-It- Yourself Enthusiasts. Software geeks, Makers, but also professionals that need affordable process controller
  • From homebrewing or wine making to aquarium or refolow oven temperature control SmartPID can add precision, power, flexibility programmability
  • Via smartphone or web application you can easily monitor your remote process and mange all configuration parameters

Available SmartPID Applications

Smart Thermostat

General purpose temperature controller application with all advanced and smart features for a variety of process view details »

Smart Homebrewing

Complete BIAB/RIMS brewing process automation and recipe management Fermentation temperature control view details »

Smart BBQ

Charcoal BBQ temperature control for pitmaster perfection view details »


Smart PID M5

New SmartPID M5 series for professional and industrial applications view details »

Common Smartpid Application Features

DUAL Independent control channels

SmartPID can control 2 differents channels with two temperature sensors and independent outputs (ie one heating process and one cooling process)

Multi control mode

Each SmartPID channel can be configured to control either a “cooling” or “heating” process or combined “thermostatic” process

PID or ON/OFF algorithm

Each SmartPID channel can support simple ON/OFF algorithm or advanced PID control logic with PWM output. Each process parameter is fully configurable

Compact all in one box

SmartPID has been carefully engineered to fit a different compact plastic box with different form factor suitable for different installation (panel mount, DIN rail, desktop)

Analog Digital Temperature probe support

On each SmarPID channel is possible to connect either analog NTC sensor or digital DS18B20 one wire sensor

Multiple Outputs

The SmartPID controller has 5 differents control outputs for any load and device type 2 x Mechanical Relay 220V/10A1 x 12v SSR ouput 2 x 12V 2A direct load driving (pump, fan, valve)

Graphical Display and GUI

A super brilliant graphical display (OLED or TFT) allow smartPID to report all the information about process control , data log, temperature graphic etc. Simple GUI with menu and icons for navigation simplify configuration more strange codes or 7 segment display

USB port

Front USB port is the key to make SmartPID a flexible and programmable device. Through USB you can Load new firmware application, export data log, configure your application via desktop dashboard

DC & AC power supply

SmartPID can be powered either directly by main powe (110/220v AC) or DC 6-32v power supply providing current for two 12V output to drive directly the load: no more cabling and external relay

Process data logging

This feature is what make SmartPID so smart..all process data are logged in internal 8mb flash memory and can be collected and analyzed offline via USB or pushed real time via wifi to a server.

Wifi & Bluetooth Connectivity

Wifi Internal module open SmartPID to the IoT world with possibility to push log and process data in the cloud or remote configuration and control. Bluetooth connectivity allows the integrations of external temperature and humidity wireless probes

Micro SD Card

Micro SD memory card support allows local storage and logging of process data in CSV file format

WiFi cloud connected

SmartPID controllers support wifi connection to cloud server for easy remote monitor and control via web app (desktop, smartphone and tablet).

Remotely monitor your temperature and process, get alarms and notifications, change real time any settings, detail temperature plots and session data export are some of the web app features that complements smartPID controller power and make your control experience “smart”.

Stay Tuned !

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