SmartPID controllers are available with different hardware platforms and running different process control applications. Below you can find technical specifications as well main application features and functions:

SmartpPID DIN (36x72x75) and SmartPID CUBE

The classic smartPID platform for consumer applications (BBQ, beer..)  and thermal process automation in two different form factor.

  • Dual Independent control channel (2 in 1 controller)
  • Fully configurable PID-PWM control or ON/OFF control with hysteresis
  • PID autotuning routine for parameter setup
  • 5 different outputs that can be assigned by SW to each control channel
    • 2x Relays 10A output
    • SSR Output
    • 2 x 12V DC 2A power output (direct load  drive)
  • Digital temperature probe (1-wire DS18B0) or NTC 10K support
  • K-type Thermocouple support via external adapter
  • Configurable “beta” factor for NTTC
  • 1.3” bright OLED display with temperature/set point/power real time graph
  • On Board EEPROM for data logging and parameter configuration/recipe storage
  • SW update and loading via USB
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Buzzer events indication
  • 4 push buttons for GUI interaction
  • I2C expansion port
  • AC 110-220V power supply (DIN version) 12 DC 2A power supply (CUBE version)
  • uSD card memory support for data logging (CUBE only)

SmartpPID M5 PRO

Desinged for the industrial and pro market to mange any thermal regulated application bridging the gap between complex and expensive industrial controller (PLC) and simple on/off thermostat. The flexibility, feature richness and smartness make it a unique product on the market that can replace legacy thermostat and manage any application in a smart way !

  • Dual Independent control channels (2 in 1 controller)
  • Fully configurable PID-PWM control or ON/OFF control with hysteresis
  • DIN 1/16” 48×48 compact enclosure
  • Graphical 320×240 TFT colour display with interactive menu and GUI
  • 3 push buttons for GUI interaction
  • DC 5-36V power supply OR 110/220 AC power supply
  • 4 different temperature probes type selectable
    • NTC 10k
    • RTD (PT100)
    • Digital 1-wire DS18B20 or
    • K-type thermocouple probes (with external adapter)
    • Support of wireless Bluetooth temperature sensors
  • 4 different outputs that can be assigned by SW to each control channel
    • 2x DC out 5-36V 2.5A for heavy load driver
    • 2x 10 A realy
  • WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Loudspeaker
  • uSD card memory support for data logging
  • I2C expansion port
  • OTA Firmware upgrade
  • On Board EEPROM for data persistence and auto recovery after power outage

SmartpPID M5 Mini

Completely new concept separating the control unit / sensor from the power part, SmartPID m5 minid drives a dual channel wireless wifi relay that can be placed anywhere close to the load saving wiring and complexity. Dispite its small size smarPID m5 mini has all control power and smart feature as the other controller in the family

  • Temperature and Humidity control
  • Complete separation from control unit and power relay (wifi smart relay)
  • Ultra compact size with magnet and support brackets
  • Graphical colour display
  • 2 buttons for GUI interaction
  • LED for status notification
  • Internal backup battery for short power outage recovery
  • Various type of sensors supported
    • SHT30 environmental sensor (temp/humidity)
    • DHT12 environmental sensor (temp/humidity)
    • Digital 1-wire DS18B20 (temperature)
    • Wireless Bluetooth temperature sensor
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • OTA Firmware upgrade

Smart HomeBrewing

This smart homebrewing app is a vertical application that runs on top of smartPID platform and is dedicated to brewing process automation from mashing to boiling, from the addition of hops to whirlpool and cooling, including recipe management.

Smart homebrewing application has been designed to manage the brew automation for BIAB or RIMS/HERMS systems in manual or full automatic mode.

Main features available on top of common SmartPID features:

  • Electric or gas fired heating mode
  • Control of mash tun and HLT with two independent channels
  • Precise PID/PWM control algorithm or ON/OFF algorithm
  • Direct recirculating pump or wort stirrer control
  • Dual operation mode :manual or full process automation
  • Complete recipe management (step mash, boil, hop addition)
  • Delayed program start
  • Power control during boil phase
  • Whirlpool and cooling

The controller provides all the smart features and the possibility to create up to 10 different recipe.

All process data can be logged on SD card memory and remotely monitored via android smartphone app as well as via the brewing tool.

Application available for DIN and CUBE platform.

Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat application is a general purpose application that runs on top of smartPID platform and allow you to control any thermo regulated process (heating , cooling thermostatic) in a flexible and smart way

Smart Thermostat is the modern standard for any thermal regulated process. It can be used and adapted anywhere a PID control is needed or used to perform a retrofit of a simple thermostat with something more advanced.

Few typical examples:

  • Beer/wine fermentation chamber control (fridge compressor + heater)
  • Beer/wine fermenter cooling system (glycol chiller + recirculation solenoid valve)
  • Reflow oven
  • Cooking ovens (ceramic, carbons..)
  • Incubators and reptile temp controller
  • Bread leavening / sourdough

3 main control mode are supported:

  • Heating: controller manage an heating systems to reach set point temperature and keep it stable
  • Cooling: controller manage a cooling system to to reach set point temperature and keep it stable
  • Thermostatic: controller activate either a cooling and heating systems to keep temperature at certain set point value regardless external temperature value

The controller provides and advance mode with the possibility to create temperature profile with ramp/soak period.

Application available for DIN and CUBE platform, SmartPID M5 mini and PRO.

Smart BBQ

Cloud connected smart temperature controller to manage your charcoal BBQ and smoker everywhere and anytime

Charcoal BBQ temperature control has never been so easy and fun thanks to this new advanced controller that ramps up and down a blow fan to get precise and consistent PIT temperature while FOOD probes  monitor internal temperature

The WiFi and cloud connected capabilities allow you to monitor your cooking via your phone or web everywhere. You can cook delicious meat and fish dishes without the need to control your BBQ day and night, perfect for low and slow cooking process.

Simple to set up and easy to use but with lot of advanced cooking and control features that allows you to become a real pitmaster!

Perfect with any type and size BBQ and Smoker

for more details check the dedicated web site