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Smart thermostat Ramp/Soak new feature

New major feature for the smartPID temperature controller !

I have implemented on top of the smart thermostat the temperature profile management, something similar to the step mash feature of the brewing app

You can define up to 10 different profiles made by set point, ramp time and soak time than the controller moves linearly the stet-point from one value to another in the defined time so you can control the ramp slope


the soak time calculation has two options

static: soak time starts immediately after the ramp end, regardless the current temperature has reached the new set point

dynamic: soak time starts when the temperature reach set point (like in step mash) and so you have a synchronous process

in this video more details on the profile configuration and execution

this will make the smart thermostat perfect for the fermentation chamber control in case you need to change slowly your set point

hope you like it, any comment appreciated !

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