After a long period of testing now the smartphone app for android device is now available on the google play store

The app is the perfect companion of SmartPID either brewing app and smart thermostat.

Just as reminder the app allow you to

  • perform intial set up of smartpid configuring the wifi (your local wifi network and password) , configuring the thingspeak cloud service (input the channels an security key)
  • monitor relevant process parameter (temperatur, set point , PWM out..)
  • set alarm and threshold to receive notification (sound, mail, Twitter)
  • change remotely the set point

for all details have a look to configuration and installation manual on the wiki section

2 thoughts on “Android smartphone APP is now avaialble on google play store !

  • What IP address do I need to enter in order to send a new set point to the Smartpid? Where do I get it?

    • SmartPID has a powerful client server architecture and you don’t need to insert any IP address or warry about NAT or dynamic IP

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