This smart homebrewing app is a vertical application that runs on top of smartPID platform and is dedicated to brewing process automation from mashing to boiling, from the addition of hops to whirlpool and cooling, including recipe management.

Key Features

The smartPID controller has been designed to replace low cost simple thermoregulator with a smart controller that can be programmed and adapted to any process.

In the specific case the the Smart homebrewing application has been designed to manage the brew automation for BIAB or RIMS/HERMS systems in manual or full automatic mode.

Main features available on top of common SmartPID features:

  • Electric or gas fired heating mode
  • Control of mash tun and HLT with two independent channels
  • Precise PID/PWM control algorithm or ON/OFF algorithm
  • Direct recirculating pump or wort stirrer control
  • Dual operation mode :manual or full process automation
  • Complete recipe management (step mash, boil, hop addition)
  • Delayed program start
  • Power control during boil phase
  • Whirlpool and cooling

The controller provides all the smart features and the possibility to create up to 10 different recipe

All process data can be logged and remotely monitored via android smartphone app

Technical Specifications

In term of technical characteristic SmartPID support:

  • Dual Independent channel for mash tun and HLT
  • Fully configurable PID-PWM control and ON/OFF control with hysteresis
  • PID autotuning routine for parameter setup
  • 5 different outputs that can be assigned by SW to each channel
    • 2x Relays output
    • 1 SSR Output
    • 2 x 12V 2A power output (direct pump/stirrer dirve)
  • Digital temperature probe (1-wire DS18B0) or NTC 10K support
  • Configurable “beta” factor for NTTC
  • OLED display with temperature/set point/power real time graph
  • On Board EEPROM for data logging and parameter configuration/recipe storage
  • SW update and loading via USB
  • WiFi connection to remote server
  • Buzzer events indication
  • 4 push buttons interaction
  • AC 110-220V power supply

Remote Control


One of the unique and SMART features of the SmartPID controller is the capability to store all process log data and make it available either locally via USB interface or with the cloud.

Among many different possible IoT solutions for SmartPID in this phase we have selected the integration with Thingspeak service.

Thingspeak is based on a number of useful features that make it easy to use and integrate the SmartPID project.

  • Real-time data collection and storage of process data generated by SmartPID
  • Simple and effective data visualization in both private and public channels
  • MATLAB® for data analysis and manipulation
  • Alerts and triggers for integration with other services
  • Scheduling
  • Open API

We have developed a mobile app for Android in order to retrieve data from the thingspeak cloud server and and visualize on your smartphone.

SmartPID pushes log data to a remote server so that the mobile app can retrieve it in a secure and encrypted way.

The smart app allows you to do the following:

  • Login and authenticate user login on the server in order to access it in a secure way
  • Display and visualize data via a dashboard so that the user can select a specific controller and data (filtered by date/time) and display the data in a graphic or text
  • Change remotely your set point
  • Set a temperature threshold and get notifications by local alarm, email, or Twitter.