Smart BBQ

Charcoal BBQ temperature controller has never been so easy and fun thanks to this new specific smartPID application that allow you to grill to perfection controlling both PID and FOOD temperature with PID precision. The remote control capabilities allow you can cook delicious meat and fish dishes without the need to control your BBQ day[…]

Smart Homebrewing

This smart homebrewing app is a vertical application that runs on top of smartPID platform and is dedicated to brewing process automation from mashing to boiling, from the addition of hops to whirlpool and cooling, including recipe management. Key Features The smartPID controller has been designed to replace low cost simple thermoregulator with a smart[…]

Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat application is a general purpose application that runs on top of smartPID platform and allow you to control any thermo regulated process (heating , cooling thermostatic) in a flexible and smart way Key Features Smart Thermostat is the modern standard for any thermal regulated process. It can be used and adapted anywhere[…]