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Smart Thermostat

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Smart Thermostat is the modern standard for any thermal regulated process. It can be used and adapted anywhere a PID control is needed or used to perform a retrofit of a simple thermostat with something more advanced.

Few typical examples:

  • Beer/wine fermentation chamber control (fridge compressor + heater)
  • Beer/wine fermenter cooling system (glycol chiller + recirculation solenoid valve)
  • Reflow oven
  • Cooking ovens (ceramic, carbons..)
  • Incubators and reptile temp controller
  • Bread leavening / sourdough
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3 main control mode are supported:

  • Heating: controller manage an heating systems to reach set point temperature and keep it stable
  • Cooling: controller manage a cooling system to to reach set point temperature and keep it stable
  • Thermostatic: controller activate either a cooling and heating systems to keep temperature at certain set point value regardless external temperature value

The controller provides and advance mode with the possibility to create temperature profile with ramp/soak period

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With small optional external adapter you can connect a K-type thermocouple and extend the temperature range up to 1360c

WIth wifi connection and MQTT standard protocol support smart thermostat allow you to monitor your process from anywhere and fully interact and change any parameter

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The core of this application is to implement a temperature control logic either to drive the heating element (electric or gas fired) in an heating process OR to drive a cooling system (typically a fridge) in a cooling process. You can combine both channels in a thermostatic control

  • Dual Independent control channel
  • Fully configurable PID-PWM control and ON/OFF control with hysteresis
  • PID autotuning routine for parameter setup
  • 5 different outputs that can be assigned by SW to each channel
    • 2x Relays output
    • 1 SSR Output
    • 2 x 12V 2A power output (direct pump/stirrer dirve)
  • Digital temperature probe (1-wire DS18B0) or NTC 10K support
  • K-type Thermocouple support via external adapter
  • Configurable “beta” factor for NTTC
  • OLED display with temperature/set point/power real time graph
  • On Board EEPROM for data logging and parameter configuration/recipe storage
  • SW update and loading via USB
  • WiFi connection to remote server
  • MQTT protocol support
  • Buzzer events indication
  • 4 push buttons interaction
  • AC 110-220V power supply
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SmartPID smart thermostat allow you to remote control your process and and mange in a user friendly way all parameters via dedicate android smartphone app

SmartPID connects to your home wifi router and implement MQTT standard communication protocol to notify process data and events and subscribe commands from the app

Data manges via MQTT are the following:

  • Periodic dynamic data notification (current temp, set point, power..)
  • Asynchronous events (start, stop, set point reached..)
  • Advanced program configuration (ramp/soak)
  • Commands from the remote smartphone app (start, stop ,set point ..)

A simple and user friendly mechanism to perform initial smartPID provisioning (wifi SSID and PWD) and secure pairing with the app has been implemented Via single app it’s possible to manage multiple smartPID controller

The client-server architecture allow infinite integration possibilities with other web application or IoT services like IFTT or even chatbot control (whatsapp, telegram..)

Endless control possibilities for a smart controller IoT ready

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