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SmartPID remote control via smartphone app

As the name itself reports SmartPID has all the SMART features for remote monitoring and control your process

a dedicated mobile application have been developed in order to retrieve the data from the cloud server (see post thingspeak integration) and visualize on the smartphone

SmartPID push log data via wifi to the thingseak server and the mobile app retrieve in a secure and encrypted way

Application allow user to

User login on the server in order to access in a secure way to it’s own dedicated area and data

Display / Visualize data
Via a dashboard the user can select specific controller and data (filter by date/time) and display in a graphic or tabular way the process data logged by the controller.

Configure Device [under development]
The user can configure all the unit parameter (HW set up, process parameter) via web interface or mobile app and upload the configuration on the device. Configurations set can be stored in the server and used any time

below some screenshot of the first protype of the mobile app




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