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SmartPID one platform: multiple applications

SmartPID is not a simple controller or themostat, is more an “open platform” powerful and flexible where the resources and I/O can be used for different applications, different environments and integration. My idea is to develop an ecosystem of “vertical” applications on top of a common set of features

the first two applications developed are:

smart thermostat (or basic application) that is the base line for any thermal regulated process . Can be used and adapted where it’s need a PID control or perform a retrofit o simple thermostat with something more advanced. Typical example is fermentation chamber

smart homebrewing app that is focused on all brewing process automation from mashing to boilng from hop addition to whirlpool and cooling including recipe managemen

below a feature comparison and the list of common feature


other applications in feasibility stadium are

  • BBQ temperature controller
  • Coffer Roaster automation
  • Food dehydrator control

anything you would like to see on top of SmartPID??

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