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SmartPID thingspeak and cloud integration


One of the unique and SMART feature of the SmartPID controller is tha capability to store all the process log data and make it avaialble either locally via USB interface or remotly pushing data in the cloud

Among many different possible solutio nfor IoT integration of smart PID either on a private cloud or via commercial existing server I have chosen in this phase the thing speak service

things speak has a set of unique feature easy to use and integrate in SmartPID poject

  • Real-time data collection and storage of prcess data generated by SmartPID
  • Simple and effective data visualization either in private or public channel
  • MATLAB® analytics capability for data manipulation
  • Alerts and triggers for integration with other service
  • Scheduling
  • Open API
  • the serve code is available on github and in the future a dedicated cloud service will be provided

    But how does the SmartPID integration works ?

    Quite simple, you should create a proper “channel” via the thingspeak account with fields to collect process data, the above example reports the structure of a test channels


    than you should configure the basic parameter for wifi connection on smartPID controller

    and inset you user API Key for you thingspeak account

    In the proper menu section you should enable the wifi connection an on top of this the logging via wifi

    When you start the run mode data are pushed according to a configurable sample period (15 minimum according to thing speak rate controller) to your thingspeak channels.


    once data are stored on the channel the possibility are infinite form simple visualization on your dashboard (private or public) either on desktop or mobile to data manipulation with all processing power of Matlab to trigger generation for smart application

    as a simple example see the post “monitor your temperature process and get twitter alarm”

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